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Contemplative Buddhist Psychotherapy A Blend Of Western Psychology And Eastern Philosophy Psychotherapy is a place where one can expect a therapist to actively listen.  It can help with any area of life, from depression to relationships.  Working together, we will discover ways to guide you through the difficult times and develop skills to survive everyday life.  I provide a […]

Women with Cancer, Mindfulness Meditation Program

This is a program for women with cancer who want to learn how to meditate. Mindfulness meditation is helpful in stress reduction and cultivating present moment awareness. The program starts January 26th and runs every Tuesday for 4 weeks. 1:30-3:00 at the Fort Collins Shambhala Center.

Choosing To Live In The Now

Like so many people these days, my life has been touched by cancer. Choosing to make intentional change in one’s life directly impacts quality of life. It can enrich our experiences, and help us work through stressful situations. These changes can be categorized as outer, inner and secret change.

Change: Pain and Suffering-A Buddhist Perspective

There is some pain we cannot avoid and then there is the suffering associated to that pain. The Buddha taught that there are certain inevitabilities we all will encounter in life: birth, old age, sickness and death. Ignoring these basic truths brings added suffering to an already difficult situation.

Making Your New Year’s Resolution Last

  A busy Holiday schedule can get in the way of making a Great Resolution… The end of each year prompts many of us to reflect upon what has gone well and what has not.  In order to reflect appropriately, one needs time to really reflect on the past year and consider the goals to […]

Psychotherapy and Meditation

Anxiety and Depression are within the natural spectrum of human experience. Psychotherapy and Meditation can help us relax around the discomfort of these experiences.

Narcissism: Tell me how great I am…

Narcissism for the Masses In the American culture of mass media, we see more people rising to stardom overnight in a phenomena that can be summed up as “All About Me.”  We can flip through the channels and find a reality show where the “star” allows America to see into their “fabulous and exciting” world. […]